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NAAEE  North American Association for Environmental Education

NAAEE brings the brightest minds together to accelerate environmental literacy and civic engagement through the power of education.


Natural Start Alliance (a part of NAAEE)

Their annual conference is called Nature-Based Early Learning Conference.

The Natural Start Alliance is a network of people and organizations that believe that all young children need frequent opportunities to experience, learn from, and care for nature and the environment through high-quality education. The Alliance, a project of the North American Association for Environmental Education, serves as a backbone organization to focus and amplify the collective impact of the people and organizations that share this common vision.



ERAFANS Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools

Their conference is called the Natural Wonder Conference.

ERAFANS is a non-profit organization that provides services, support, and inspiration to early childhood professionals to advance the field of nature-based early childhood education and encourage life-long appreciation for our natural world.


Northern Illinois Nature Preschool Association

NINPA is a professional collaborative that promotes, supports and enhances nature-based early childhood education.




Ohio Nature-Based Early Childhood Education

Private facebook group created by some fab folks. We are a professional collaborative that promotes, supports and enhances early childhood nature-based education in Ohio. 

Ohio Naturally LCC

Public page started by a nature preschool educator to connect with other educators, parents,

and community members all over Ohio who value nature education for the children in early childhood and their families.

Nature Pedagogy

What is nature pedagogy? It is a way of being with children in the outdoor setting.

  • Whether you have a purposeful learning objective or just for fun

  • Whether you make frequent visits to a natural setting, one precious excursion, or anything in between

  • Whether you have lots of space or a little

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