Listing of Ohio Programs

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Southwest Ohio

Agraria is a regenerative farming project of Community Solutions and is Ohio’s first Center for Regenerative Agriculture located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where we do research and education about regenerative land use that supports the expansion of our regional food system and serves as a platform for building community resilience.  The Nature School at Agraria's mission is to connect children and families to nature, themselves, and each other. We protect and steward what we love; our programs help foster compassion, curiosity, and trust with the natural world by giving participants space and time to fall in love with the outdoors. In a time where we look at a screen more often in a day than our backyards, or each other, we believe it is crucial to get kids unplugged from technology and reconnected with the natural world. Studies show that time spent in nature increases attention span, ability to concentrate, self- esteem, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Children who spend more time outdoors and participate in cooperative group activities also have healthier relationships with friends and family. Our vision is to support children to develop an appreciation for each other and the natural world, so that they grow into dedicated leaders and environmental stewards in their communities. Our programs include exploring outdoors, animal tracking, nature & sensory awareness, storytelling, plant and animal study, mentorship, empowerment, primitive skills & crafts, and lots of fun and play!

 The Antioch School is an elementary school, serving children ages 3 1/2 to 12 years and has been connecting children, nature, and learning for almost 100 years.  From daily time on our park-like grounds to hours spent weekly in Forest Kindergarten and outdoor classrooms to weekly hikes in the neighboring 1000 acre nature preserve, Glen Helen, children spend ample amounts of time outdoors every day.  Even our building, with its walls of windows, was designed to bring the outdoors in.  The natural world serves as an inspiration for emotional and intellectual growth and a proving ground for building leadership skills.  Learn more about our historic school at

PEEP at Brukner Nature Center

PEEP (Preschool Environmental Education Program) is a nature-based preschool program at Brukner Nature Center in Troy, Ohio.  This unique hands on program explores a different native Ohio wildlife topic each week helping to reconnect children with wildlife and wild places. Brukner Nature Center wishes to instill a natural wonder and curiosity through guided activities as well as unstructured nature play.  For more information on PEEP and Brukner Nature Center go to

Cincinnati Nature Center Nature Preschool

Cincinnati Nature Center Nature Preschool is a licensed, nine-month preschool offering morning or afternoon classes for three- to five-year olds. We seek to meet the developmental needs of the whole child by initiating a life-long, meaningful relationship with the natural world in a high-quality early childhood environment. Teachers attend to children’s needs for autonomy, connection to others, and acquiring/mastering skills while creating an environment where children are self-motivated to focus deeply on purposeful activities.  Find out more at

Learning Tree Farm Nature Preschool is a part-time preschool that spends most of its time outside.  Licensed by the state of Ohio, the student to teacher ratio is 15:3 and the classes are mixed age groups from 3-5 years old.  We believe that concrete daily experiences, in nature with ample time to explore, build children’s ability to problem solve and self-regulate. Our emergent and child-centered curriculum allows us to investigate nature and the farm using a multidisciplinary approach. To find out more go to Learning Tree Farm Nature Preschool!

Little Schoolhouse in the Woods is a nature based preschool program in Cincinnati, Ohio. Focusing on social and emotional development while offering generous amounts of play time out in nature, this program is committed to fostering a love of nature and guiding children toward healthy relationships with themselves and others. Learn more at

Mother Nature's Classroom

Mother Nature’s Classroom strives to incorporate nature-based learning into everyday life with fun outdoor education facts, ideas, and experiences.  Find out more at

Nature Mind Co-Op

Nature Mind Coop is an evolving group of diverse home-based and home-based aspiring educator/parents approaching connecting to nature as human rights advocates. To learn more about our nature centered, mindfulness based approach to creating emotionally resilient and life-long learners, please email  

Open Air Village

Nature-Based Education in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Located on Antioch College's historic campus, children learn naturally through PLAY in our "Open Air," outdoor classroom. Our core values are respecting children, embracing diversity, community involvement, and nature education. 

Open Air Village is dedicated to creating a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming environment for all children. Owned and operated by Nicole and Bryan Gay, programs are run with a family feel so you can relax knowing your child is being cared for while appreciated for being themselves. We operate by the sentiment that it "takes a village" to raise a child. 

Open Air Village is an ODJFS Licensed center and offers Nature-Based Preschool for children ages 3-5, as well as Nature-Based programs for homeschooled or virtual students looking to enhance their education. 

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Shine Nurture Center

W.I.L.D. Child Nature Preschool

Shine is a small, cozy child care center located in Mt. Airy. We are housed in a  building that was formerly a home and borders on Mt. Airy Forest. Shine provides holistic, nurturing, nature-based, & child-led care. We provide 2 healthy snacks and a home-made lunch each day.We are Montessori-inspired, but not strictly Montessori. Our teachers create nature-based, play-based curriculum based on the development and the interests of the children in their class.Shine is great primarily because the people who work at Shine are wonderful.

A program to nurture Wonder, Investigation, Learning, and Discovery in every ​wild ​child.

Our part time, rain or shine program is nestled in Centerville's Bill Yeck Park, and is conducted outdoors in all safe weather conditions. 

We are committed to foster a sense of wonder and encourage a deep love and respect for nature. By immersing children in nature, and allowing a great deal of time for unstructured play, we enable the children to make their own connections, develop social/ emotional skills, and strengthen their bodies and minds. Our days our led by the interest of the children, and "chasing their spark​" to further encourage their discoveries. For more information on this unique preschool experience please contact 

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Central Ohio

Red Oak Community School 

Red Oak Community School is an independent, nature-based, K-5 elementary school in Columbus. We offer a learner-centered approach to education for families dedicated to cultivating joy in learning, fostering self-confidence and agency, and preparing students to be environmental stewards and champions of social justice.  Find out more at or

Northwest Ohio

Maumee Valley Country Day School

Maumee Valley Country Day School's Early Learning Center is a forest school inspired program. The Early Learning Center's unique program infuses student-directed, nature-based learning with an academic curriculum that supports social-emotional learning. The program is offered to students 2.5 years old and older with part-time and full-time options for parents.   To find out more visit us at

Forest Time Kindergarten

Play - Explore - Learn - Grow
A popular schooling across Europe, forest kindergarten or Waldkindergarten, is a rising star in the United States preschool education. As the first  ERAFANS Forest School in Northwest Ohio, Forest Time Kindergarten is proud to welcome children between the ages of 1 and 7 to an education that will provide them with life long skills and friendships.  Our classes are held almost exclusively outside and children are encouraged to learn through their greatest tool: play.  By exploring nature in its purest form, through all types of weather, Forest Time Kindergarten provides children with a safe environment to grow and learn.  Our goal at Forest Time Kindergarten is to create a setting in which child-led learning takes precedent and adult supervision is there to guide and assist.  It is our hope that your children will discover a lasting love of the outdoors and learning through our program.  To find out more visit

Northeast Ohio

The Natural Classroom is a team of passionate educators committed to delivering high quality outdoor, play-based education to the communities of the Chagrin Valley. Silver Creek runs through the forest of The West Woods, creating the perfect backdrop for our outdoor classroom.

Play and Prep Preschool

Play and Prep Preschool is a licensed part-time program which offers both traditional and outdoor classroom options.  The Outdoor program uses nature as the foundation for a curriculum which is inquiry based and child directed.  Teachers act as responsive facilitators who promote active hands-on exploration of the environment.  Outdoor students spend 30-100% of their class time outside, all our students spend time in our Learning Garden area and practice environmental stewardship.  To find out more go to

Timbernook of Greater Cleveland

TimberNook provides nature-based play experiences for children that challenge the senses and inspire creativity, independence, and imagination in the great outdoors. TimberNook of Greater Cleveland offers programs at Sugar Pines Farm in Chesterland, Ohio.  Find out more at

Southeast Ohio

Solid Ground School

Solid Ground School is an independent elementary school offering progressive, place-based education in Athens, OH.  Solid Ground offers people of all ages the chance to play, to develop meaningful relationships, and to experience the transformative joy of engaging with the natural world on a 17-acre sustainable farm and recreation center in Appalachian Ohio.  At Solid Ground, we are growing connections: between people, communities, landscapes, and economies, as we seek to build an ecosystem based on cooperation, creativity, and relevant engagement with our world.  To find out more visit