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Programs in NE Ohio are looking to do a meet up this spring, keep an eye out for a facebook poll for NE meet up

Do you blog? We would love to feature member blogs on our website. If you would like to share, please email us at!

Can you believe it is time to start thinking about the Natural Start 2023 conference?

The plan is to now alternate online format with face to face format. A call for proposals has been issued, find out more here!

A question has come up both in our leadership team meetings and on the Facebook group recently regarding help with licensing questions. There is an agency meant to help you! Your local Resource and Referral Agencies are a great resource for troubleshooting, professional development and coaching. Find a listing here!

Working with young children is not only a calling for many here, but it is also a business in our mixed method delivery system. Team members highly recommend using SCORE or attending local business building measures such as this one in the Dayton region. Launch Dayton

On January 31st, Exchange Press is hosting an event with Rukia Rogers called Our Beloved Community: Supporting Children's Compassion, Kinship, and Activism. Here's the link for that:

And, for anyone interested in advocating for children, families, and the field of ECE, check out the National Association for the Education of Young Children's Public Policy Forum. There is a face to face event in Washington DC, and a virtual event that will be less expensive and more schedule friendly:

Deadline to register is January 24th

Here are some other great resources that came up during our discussions:

As your organizations are beginning enrollment and looking at staffing next year, please let us know if you would like to post openings. Our google analytics show that people are looking at those pages! To get something posted, email us at!

We are beginning to think about our next cycle of leadership, more information how to get involved will be coming out in May/summer.

Wishing you warm toasty fingers and toes this winter season. Keep changing lives!

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Here are our "tidbits" from our last leadership meeting:

Meredith Florkey, from Ohio Naturally LLC shared a land acknowledgment and invites others to engage with this work using the Land Acknowledgement Resources found with the Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition.


She also shares this blog from a white Ohioan's perspective.

We are finding more and more central Ohio folks! Woot! ONbECE is looking for someone to organize in central/Columbus region. Is this you? Please email if you are interested in organizing an annual meet up based on your availability and generally encouraging dialogue in your region.

SW and NE meetups benign planned for 2023…stay tuned!

Recommended book:

Extra thanks to Sheila for timely postings in FB group for trainings, etc …be sure to check them out!

We want to hear from you! Tell us:

  1. What are your favorite things about teaching outdoors in Ohio Winter?

  2. What are your biggest challenges?

  3. Do you have a favorite process based art experience that you have been engaging in or will when you return to school?

  4. Do you have a favorite winter photo of your program, permissions secured, that we can share with our members?

A big year end gratitude to all of our members "old" and new who continue to engage with out community. Here's to a fantastic 2023!

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Here are our "tidbits" from our last leadership meeting.

Welcome to all of the new folks joining us since July's Natural Start 2022 Conference. We are all still glowing from the connections made and voices heard!

We have finalized our organization’s Mission & Vision!

Mission: Our collaborative exists to promote nature-based learning in the field of early childhood education.

VIsion: We are committed to build a sustainable network of relationships among professionals who share the belief that children thrive in the outdoors with authentic play experiences.

  1. Organizer-Rachel Konerman

  2. Recorder-Eppie Miller

  3. Training Communicator-Sheila Torio

  4. Communicator-Michelle Bock

  5. Website manager-Meredith Florkey

  6. Partner coordinator-Lee Hamzy, Meredith as alternate

Congratulations to Michele Bock for earning her CDA!!! (Child Development Associate)

PEER 2018 Nature Play Lit Review

Eppie Miller will be traveling to the NAAEE in Tuscon, AZ Oct. 11 - 16 and is presenting about Nature-Based EC Project-Based Learning about Trees with students in PK through gr. 2. Good Luck Eppie!

ECCO is calling for presentations for conference in May

Centerville funds nature teacher position at two elementary schools in 22-23!

Job openings continue to be shared on the website. Please let us know if you have one to share, people are checking that page and sending us questions about programs in our state.

Happy Fall y'all!

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