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ONbECE Newsletter 10-February 1, 2024

Ohio Nature-Based Early Childhood Education Collaborative

 Winter News

Thanks for your patience on a lapse in last meeting's updates!

ONbECECollaborative Highlights!

"Nature scene" in watercolor, from Michelle Bock's class. Child, 4 yrs old.

GET CONNECTED with our Partnered Agencies

The Natural Start Alliance is hosting a webinar discussing the difference between setting up your program as a non-profit or for profit business. February 21, 2024. has a 3 part webinar to help folks use the NABERS tool, a Nature-based Education Rating Scale to improve early childhood teaching.

Upcoming Professional Development

This year, the conference has a Nature-based track with all sessions Ohio Approved!  Here are a sample of those sessions by our Leadership Team board members!

Presenter: Carol Juergemeier & Emily Johnson

Saturday 8:30-10 am

Title: Outside Matters: How Nature Can Enable Us to Feel Healthier, More Creative, More Empathetic and Engaged as Teachers

Length: 1.5 Hours

Presenter: Rachel Konerman

Saturday 1:00-2:30 pm

Title: STEM in the PlayScape: Engaging Children and Enhancing the Environment (Part 1)

Length: 1.5 Hours

Presenter: Rachel Konerman

Saturday 3:00-4:30pm

Title: STEM in the PlayScape: Engaging Children and Enhancing the Environment (Part 2)

Length: 1.5 Hours

Presenter: Meredith Florkey

Saturday 8:00-10:00am

Title: Outdoors to Build Executive FUNction!

Length: 2 Hours

Presenter: Meredith Florkey

Saturday 1:00-2:00pm

Title: Risks Vs. Hazards in the Outdoors

Length: 1 Hour

Presenter: Meredith Florkey

Saturday 3:00-4:00

Title: Enhancing Learning with the Power of Our Senses Outdoors

Length: 1 Hour

JOIN US! Upcoming ONbECE Gatherings

Save the Date

ONbECE Nature Based learning Meetup: Ohio North Central Erie Shores & Islands 

FREE collaborative event directly after OAEYC conference at the Kalahari Resort

April 27th Saturday 5:30-8:30pm

12217 Chapin Road

Berlin Heights, Ohio 44814

Fellowship, Food, and fun in nature will be provided! 

Hosted by BTCC & facilitated by ONbECE Collaborative

Contact Michelle Bock for RSVP 440-320-1354

A big thank you to Michelle for the vision and action it takes to host this type of event!

Nature-Based Learning & Environmental Education RESOURCES

At the 2023 OAEYC conference movement towards NBL focus in the ECE field was announced at the University of Cincinnati! Find out more here!

On Purpose Academy in partnership with Ohio Naturally enjoying the snow day. This work and gear made possible by PNC bank.


Cottonwood Hollow Nature Preschool opens in fall 2024 and is currently in enrollment season! Sara Zinn, an ONbECE board member has been working towards licensing this year. Are you a family child care provider (type A or B)? Sara is looking for folks to connect with about the joys and struggles of this type of programming. Please contact her if you are interested in a dialouge.

Congratulations to Michelle Bock on her Environmental Education Recertification for 10 years now! Here's where you can find out more about Eecertification

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