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ONbECE Newsletter 4-September 15, 2022

Here are our "tidbits" from our last leadership meeting.

Welcome to all of the new folks joining us since July's Natural Start 2022 Conference. We are all still glowing from the connections made and voices heard!

We have finalized our organization’s Mission & Vision!

Mission: Our collaborative exists to promote nature-based learning in the field of early childhood education.

VIsion: We are committed to build a sustainable network of relationships among professionals who share the belief that children thrive in the outdoors with authentic play experiences.

  1. Organizer-Rachel Konerman

  2. Recorder-Eppie Miller

  3. Training Communicator-Sheila Torio

  4. Communicator-Michelle Bock

  5. Website manager-Meredith Florkey

  6. Partner coordinator-Lee Hamzy, Meredith as alternate

Congratulations to Michele Bock for earning her CDA!!! (Child Development Associate)

Eppie Miller will be traveling to the NAAEE in Tuscon, AZ Oct. 11 - 16 and is presenting about Nature-Based EC Project-Based Learning about Trees with students in PK through gr. 2. Good Luck Eppie!

ECCO is calling for presentations for conference in May

Job openings continue to be shared on the website. Please let us know if you have one to share, people are checking that page and sending us questions about programs in our state.

Happy Fall y'all!

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