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ONbECE Newsletter 5-November 11, 2022

Here are our "tidbits" from our last leadership meeting:

Meredith Florkey, from Ohio Naturally LLC shared a land acknowledgment and invites others to engage with this work using the Land Acknowledgement Resources found with the Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition.

She also shares this blog from a white Ohioan's perspective.

We are finding more and more central Ohio folks! Woot! ONbECE is looking for someone to organize in central/Columbus region. Is this you? Please email if you are interested in organizing an annual meet up based on your availability and generally encouraging dialogue in your region.

SW and NE meetups benign planned for 2023…stay tuned!

Extra thanks to Sheila for timely postings in FB group for trainings, etc …be sure to check them out!

We want to hear from you! Tell us:

  1. What are your favorite things about teaching outdoors in Ohio Winter?

  2. What are your biggest challenges?

  3. Do you have a favorite process based art experience that you have been engaging in or will when you return to school?

  4. Do you have a favorite winter photo of your program, permissions secured, that we can share with our members?

A big year end gratitude to all of our members "old" and new who continue to engage with out community. Here's to a fantastic 2023!

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