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ONbECE Newsletter 2 April 2022

Ohio Nature-Based Early Childhood Education Collaborative

The leadership team just had their second virtual zoom meeting of this year, 5 of 6 members were present. The meeting is run by Matriarchal Leadership. We are sorry to lose Bev but wish her the best of luck and want to congratulate her as she focuses on her new position as Outdoor Experiences Manager with Lorain County Metro Parks.

Roster of ONbECE leadership team members Check out these dedicated ladies bio and photo on our website!

March 8th 2022 Notes

Continued revising and forming our collaborative’s mission and vision statements

Leadership team discussed picked desired roles of interest and personal strengths:

1 Meredith Florkey-Website Manager

2 Rachel Konerman-Meeting Organizer

3 Michelle Bock-Communicator to membership

4 Lee Hamzy-Partner coordinator

5 Eppie Miller-Recorder

6 Sheila Torio-TBA

We discussed Land acknowledgements, to learn more

Team decisions will be made by coming to a group consensus, taking the time necessary for full conversation and consideration.

Next Leadership Team meeting May 9th 7:30-9

Network News!

EECO Conference March 31-April 3

April 12th Ohio approved Train the Trainer 7-8:30 $10

possible side hustle and registration is still available!

Meredith Florkey from Ohio Naturally LLC and the wonderful staff at Child Care Choices are co-sponsoring a Train the Trainer ONLINE event. If you are interested in attending, please contact Meredith at Once we have a group of folks, we will schedule around them. There will likely be a small fee of less than $10 to reimburse Childcare Choices for their time.

Goals of this event are to:

  • Help experienced nature-based ECE educators create meaningful training for both nature-based folks and mainstream educators.

  • Help navigate the OCCRRA and required Early Learning and Development Standards

  • Practice organizing and delivering training to increase the quality of nature-based opportunities when we need to attend PD.

  • Create collectively a set of Ohio Approved Trainings that our group can refer regional and state folks to.

  • Provide a small income source for our members.

  • Increase networking with Resource and Referral agencies, OAEYC, and child care centers/directors around the state.

OAEYC Conference April 27-30

Natural Start 2022 Conference July 27-30 is hosted in our HOME state! Stay tuned for the Ohio regional meeting date TBD and dinner meet up..

"Does your nature-based program have upcoming available positions?” We have a job posting tab on our website! We get several Ohio field job inquiries! Send Meredith Florkey the following at:

1) The title of your school

2) Location (city)

3) Link to your website

4) Job description (making sure there is a contact included)

Send your challenge and success stories/pictures of nature based outdoor learning in spring!,

Thanks to Michelle Bock for writing and creating this document.

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